Obama Asked Touchy Israel & Palestine Question At Town Hall

At President Obama’s town hall meeting today in Tampa, Florida — teased in last night’s State of the Union — a student and former Obama campaign volunteer from the University of South Florida attacked the president in question form about the United States’ continued financial support of Israel despite promises of promoting human rights worldwide. After calming the boisterous crowd, Obama “talked about the Middle East generally,” gently skirting the fiery question. He spoke slowly and deliberately, acknowledging the “passions,” but reiterating that Israel is “one of our strongest allies” and “a vibrant democracy.”

“I will never waver from assuring Israel’s security,” the prsident said. “I make no apologies for that.” He went on to reference “the plight of the Palestineans” as “something we have to pay attention to,” because of security purposes. He declines to go through the entire history, naturally, but sets himself firmly in the middle, seeking a two-state solution, with “peace and security” and compromise from both sides.

See the president’s entire response below:

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