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Obama Campaign Manager Admits To CNN: Race In ‘Pennsylvania Has Tightened, Absolutely’

Obama Campaign Manager Admits Race In PA 'Has Tightened, Absolutely'

On Monday night, Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter spoke to CNN’s Anderson Cooper about the campaigns’ last-ditch efforts in some key battleground states. Asked why the campaign is campaigning in Pennsylvania, a state they’ve been confident about, Cutter noted the race there has “tightened.”

“Your team keeps saying that the governor’s in Pennsylvania now out of desperation,” Cooper said. “But if he’s got no shot there, why has your campaign been sending President Clinton to Pennsylvania in the home stretch? If that state’s not in play, couldn’t that time be put to better use somewhere else?”

“President Clinton has traveled through every single battleground state us,” Cutter replied. “We’re enormously thankful. But we’re not taking anything for granted, Anderson. You know, Pennsylvania has tightened, absolutely.”

“If I were working on the Romney campaign,” she added, “I would probably be giving it a shot, too.”

Asked whether it’s not desperate for the Romney campaign to devote resources to campaigning in the state, Cutter pointed to a report that said Romney’s team didn’t have anywhere else to spend money. They can’t get to the necessary 270 electoral votes through Ohio, she said, so “they’re now sending out life lines.”

Take a look, via CNN:

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