Obama: Democrats Have Some Serious Reflecting to Do, ‘We Have to Show Up Everywhere’

obamaPresident Obama held his first post-election press conference today and made it clear he thinks that the Democratic party has some serious reflecting to do after losing to Donald Trump.

He made it clear that his party should not shake its resolve and stick to its principles, but he also said “how we organize politically is something that we should spend our time thinking about.”

One of the biggest post-election criticisms of the Hillary Clinton campaign was that they took certain parts of the country for granted as their firewall. One Democratic congresswoman from Michigan, Debbie Dingell, wrote last week that she warned how much trouble Team Clinton was in in Michigan and they didn’t listen.

The president argued that however good the Democrats’ ideas are, they don’t matter “if people don’t hear them.”

He pointed to how successful he was in Iowa in his elections because he actually spent time there, saying, “We have to compete everywhere, we have to show up everywhere.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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