Obama Doesn’t Care Much for Ellen’s ‘Cheap Stunt’ Selfie

President Barack Obama appeared for a satellite interview with Ellen Degeneres on Thursday (the full interview will air later this afternoon) and mourned the loss of his retweet record, which he’d held until Degeneres beat it with her celebrity-stuffed pizza selfie at the Oscars last month.

“I was aiming to break your record of retweets,” Degeneres said, “and I apologize for doing it, but I broke your retweet record.”

“I heard about that,” Obama replied, laughing. “I thought it was a pretty cheap stunt, myself. Getting a bunch of celebrities in the background. You’re feeding them pizza!”

The interview was Obama’s first appearance on Ellen’s show as President. Obama also discussed his daughters, his plan to dissuade them from getting tattoos, and how boring they find him. He closed with praise for the GAP, which is voluntarily raising its workers’ wages to $10/hr, a raise consonant with Obama’s mission to raise the federal minimum wage to $10.10.

Watch the clip below:

[Image via screengrab]

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