Obama Evades Hillary Email Question, Says ‘Legitimate Concerns’ Over Security Are Widespread

1trumpReporters took another crack at getting President Obama to talk about the now-concluded email investigation into Hillary Clinton Sunday morning, as the President took questions from reporters after he wrapped up meetings with Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy in Madrid. While they were ultimately unsuccessful, they did manage to give President Obama the opportunity to clarify earlier comments he had made concerning “legitimate concerns” over the handling of email and other data at the State Department, which he added were concerns that span the entire spectrum of government information transmission:

When I talked about the fact that there are legitimate concerns around how information travels in the State Department, it’s across spectrum. Tt has to do with the volumes information that are now being transmitted, who has access to them, concerns about cyber attacks and cyber security, concerns about making sure that we’re transmitting information in real-time so that we can make good decisions, but that it’s not being mishandled in the process or making us more vulnerable. And without commenting on what Director Comey said, I can tell you that Secretary Kerry is and has been concerned about this generally, and has stood up initiatives to try to improve those information points, and that I’m concerned about this throughout the government generally.

The FBI concluded its investigation of State Department email practices by announcing that no charges will be filed.

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