‘Obama, I Guess, Didn’t Vet’: Trump Knows Exactly Who to Blame for Michael Flynn

As President Donald Trump approaches his 100th day in office, he’s been offering himself up to a number of media outlets for interviews to boast about all that he’s accomplished since becoming president. During his conversation with Fox News’ Martha MacCallum, Trump fully embraced a position that was first tossed out by his press secretary earlier this week.

With ex-National Security Advisor Michael Flynn front and center in the news due to possibly illegal payments he received from Russia and Turkey, the White House has come under fire for its lack of vetting of the retired general. And it appears Trump knows exactly who to blame.

“He was approved by the Obama administration at the highest level,” the president said. “When they say we didn’t vet––well, Obama, I guess, didn’t vet.”

Trump would go on to repeat over and over that the Obama administration approved Flynn’s security clearance, pointing out that Flynn was only in his administration for a “short period of time.”

POTUS then segued from blaming his predecessor for not properly vetting the guy he hired to fill one of the top national security posts in the nation to bringing up the Podesta brothers and their dealings with Russia.

Lost in all of this was the fact that Flynn was actually fired as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency back in 2014.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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