Obama Impersonator Tells Racial Jokes At GOP Conference, But Yanked For Mocking Republicans

On Reliable Sources, Howard Kurtz asked his panel whether it was a big deal that a President Obama impersonator, Reggie Brown, spoke at the Republican Leadership Conference where he received laughs for his racially-sensitive jokes about the President, but was yanked off stage once he turned his attention to the Republican presidential nominees.

One of Brown’s Republican targets:

“It’s unfortunate that Tim Pawlenty couldn’t be here. But cut him some slack. He’s having his foot surgically removed from his mouth. Oh no don’t worry, lucky for him it’s covered under ObamneyCare. That along with spinal transplants.”

Kurtz’s panel agreed that the comedian was a “a bad hire” and represents a certain “tone-deafness” in the Republican party of thinking an Obama impersonator at their event would be a good idea. It seems an even worse idea was pulling the comedian off early, since such a news-making action now amplifies the boneheaded decision to have this impersonator in the first place.

Watch the clip below from CNN:

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