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Obama Leaves Briefing Room Again, Different Clinton This Time

This morning, President Obama again appeared before in the White House Briefing Room, again left midway through, and again let a Clinton take control. This time it was Hillary Clinton at the driver’s seat. It’s times like this that you’d think the guy just enjoys getting knocked around by the media.

Look, we know being President of the United States is one of the most difficult and busiest jobs in the world. We’d be more worried if you didn’t have some place to be. And we know that this Clinton is actually in the administration and it makes total sense that she’d be up there. You really didn’t do anything wrong. But, after all the talk that happened just last Friday, you’d think someone on the staff would be like, “Hey, Mr. President, lets chill here for a few minutes until Hillary stops talking. Just so snotty bloggers don’t write posts entitled ‘Obama Leaves Briefing Room Again, Different Clinton This Time.’ Just a thought.”

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