Obama: Minimum Wage Executive Order ‘Reminded Me of Why I’m a Democrat’

Speaking before a group of Congressional Democrats on Friday at a party retreat in Maryland, President Barack Obama praised his political allies for the work they have done and the public policy positions they hold. He said that his most recent executive order, raising the minimum wage of new federal contractors, made him proud of Congressional Democrats and reminded him of why he is a member of their political party.

The president told the assembled Democratic elected officials on Friday that he recently spent some time with some federal minimum wage workers. He added that providing them with a living wage affords these workers with the chance to achieve the American dream.

“These are folks who are looking after families and trying to raise kids, and to see what it would mean to them for us to have a federal minimum wage of $10.10 an hour, how much relief that would give them, and how committed they were to the American dream and getting ahead, and hoping somebody was standing up for them,” Obama said, “It reminded me of why I’m a Democrat.”

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“It reminded me of why I’m so proud of this caucus,” he continued amid applause. “Because you are standing up on behalf of them.”

Watch the clip below via CNN:

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