Obama Originally Learned Incorrect ObamaCare News From CNN, Fox News

It’s been a rough day for the most trusted name is news. Following the criticism CNN’s received for initially reporting an incorrect Supreme Court ruling, ABC News reported that President Barack Obama originally got the erroneous information regarding ObamaCare — because he saw it break CNN and Fox News.

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ABC News’ Jake Tapper describes the scene:

Standing with White House chief of staff Jack Lew and looking at a television in the “Outer Oval” featuring a split screen of four different networks, the president saw graphics on the screens of the first two cable news networks to break the news — CNN and Fox News Channel — announcing, wrongly, that he had lost.

Senior administration officials say the president was calm.

A few minutes later, White House counsel Kathy Ruemmler came in and gave him a thumbs up — having gotten her information from a White House lawyer and (a win for Team Lyle).

“The Affordable Care Act has been upheld by the court,” Ruemmler told the president. “There were five votes finding it valid under Congress’s taxing power.”

And then there were hugs and they lived happily ever after.

(H/T ABC News)

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