Obama Publicly Comments on Sony Hack, Threats: People Can ‘Go to the Movies’

President Obama publicly commented today for the first time about the cyberattack on Sony Pictures and the threats made against movie theaters that screened The Interview. The president’s interview with David Muir was taped before Sony announced they’re pulling the movie from theaters, but Muir did ask the president, generally speaking, “Do you consider this a legitimate threat and how concerned are you?”

“The cyberattack is very serious. We’re investigating it seriously,” Obama assured.
“We’ll be vigilant. If we see something that we think is serious and credible, then we’ll alert the public, but for now, my recommendation would be that people go to the movies.”

Right now, of course, it’s going to be impossible to see The Interview in theaters, but Big Eyes, Into the Woods, and American Sniper are all coming out on Christmas Day, so at least you’ll have your pick of movies that do NOT make fun of a crazy regime.

Watch the clip below, via ABC News:

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