Obama Responds To ‘No War With Iran’ Heckler: ‘You’re Jumping The Gun A Little Bit, There’

While addressing supporters at a campaign donor event Thursday night, President Barack Obama was interrupted by a woman calling for “no war in Iran.” And he didn’t let the outburst go by unchecked.

“We ended torture,” Obama had said. “We promoted human rights. We made it clear that America is a Pacific power. We demonstrated that if countries like Burma travel down the road of democratic reform, they will find a new relationship with the United States. And we leading again by the power of our moral example. That’s what change is.”

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It was at this point that, among some scattered applause, a woman in the audience yelled, “No war in Iran!”

“Nobody’s announced a war, young lady, so,” the President responded. “But we appreciate your sentiment.” The crowd burst into laughter and applause. “You’re jumping the gun a little bit, there,” he added. Oh?

Have a listen, via MSNBC:

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