Obama: Sony Hack ‘Was Not an Act of War’

President Barack Obama branded the hacking of Sony Studios and subsequent threats against the release of The Interview “cyber vandalism” on CNN’s State of the Union Sunday morning, but argued that companies needed to resist the pressure to change operations, not only for the future of the entertainment industry but the news industry as well.

“I don’t think it was an act of war,” Obama said. “I think it was an act of cyber vandalism that was very costly, very expensive. We take it very seriously. We will respond proportionately.”

Obama called Sony’s withdrawal of the film a “mistake” at his year-end press conference Friday. He also called James Franco James Flacco.

“The key here is not to suggest that Sony was a bad actor,” Obama said Sunday. “It’s making a broader point that all of us have to adapt to the possibility of cyber attacks. We have to do a lot more to guard against them. …We’ve got to work with the private sector and the private sector has to work together to harden their sights.”

Obama added that he might have helped Sony out had the studio consulted with him. (Stories differ on whether they tried.) “Had they talked to me directly about this decision, I might have called the movie theater chains and distributors and asked them what the story was,” he said.

He alluded to the running of the Boston Marathon one year after the deadly terrorist attacks of 2013. “Sometimes this is a matter of setting a tone,” Obama said, “and being very clear that we’re not going to be intimidated.”

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