Obama Spokesman Tells Ed Schultz Campaign Will Not Apologize For Romney/Felony Remark

Ed Schultz hosted Obama 2012 national press secretary Ben Labolt on his show today, and asked him if the campaign will be apologizing for a remark made by a campaign staffer that either Mitt Romney lied about his Bain Capital tenure to voters or he misrepresented himself on federal filings and therefore could have committed a felony. The Romney campaign demanded one today, but Labolt said they shouldn’t be expecting an apology any time soon.

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Labolt told Schultz that Romney was trying to have it both ways on Bain: claiming credit for jobs created by the company, but not “accept[ing] responsibility” for business transactions and financial decisions made by the company. Labolt brought up a recent development tonight showing that in Romney’s own 2002 testimony, he admitted that he “regularly traveled back to Massachusetts” for business trips and board meetings.

Schultz then brought up the Romney campaign demanding an apology for the accusation by an Obama campaign staffer that Romney is either a liar or a potential felon, and asked Labolt if the Obama campaign intends to issue an apology. Labolt said it doesn’t, and called on Romney to release his tax returns and clear up the questions about his finances.

Watch the video below, courtesy of MSNBC:


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