Obama Takes Shutdown Gov’t to Apple Store in Hilarious CollegeHumor Video

Last week, President Obama compared Obamacare’s “glitchy” rollout to the release of Apple’s new mobile operating system iOS7. Now, in a new video released by CollegeHumor, the president turns to Apple’s Genius Bar to help solve the government shutdown.

In the video, “Barry” tells the Apple “genius” what went wrong with his government. “It’s a pretty old model,” he says, “but it’s been reliable for quite some time.” He says he’s tried to load some “custom programs” but the government is “rejecting” them. And he tried to “restart” it in 2012, but it did “absolutely nothing.”

“This government is especially resistant to change,” the genius explains. And on top of that, “the two main parts of the motherboard,” which just happen to be blue and red, “aren’t even communicating with each other.” Not to mention that nasty “virus” that “replicates itself and makes it so the hardware won’t do anything useful.” The virus’ name? “Tea_Party.dmg.”

Watch video below, via CollegeHumor:

[photo via screengrab]

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