Obama to Participate in CNN Town Hall on Gun Violence

PicMonkey Collage - ObamaDuring his New Year’s address, President Obama announced that he plans to take executive action on gun control as part of his final year’s legacy. Today, it was confirmed that the president’s push will include a televised town hall meeting that will illustrate what he hopes to accomplish.

Obama will be joined by CNN’s Anderson Cooper at the George Mason University in Virginia at an event entitled “Guns in America.” The show will begin at 8 P.M. on Thursday, and is scheduled to coincide with the fifth anniversary of the Tucson, Arizona shooting that left six people dead and 14 people injured, including then-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

On the heels of events last year ranging from the Charleston Massacre to the San Bernardino shootings, Obama has called for efforts to strengthen control and restriction laws, while meeting fierce opposition from the GOP at every turn. Obama demonstrated frustration with this Congressional back-and-forth on numerous occasions, and his efforts to reassure the public have had debatable resonance with concerned citizens.

The New York Times reported that Obama will be meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch tomorrow in order to discuss what actions he is constitutionally permitted to take to curb gun violence.

The CNN event willl last for one hour, and will be a mix of discussions with Cooper and questions from the audience.

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