Obamacare Architect Slams GOP’s Secret Healthcare Process: ‘A Middle Finger to Representative Democracy’

While Jonathan Gruber‘s day job is that of economics professor at MIT, is better known in cable news circles as a “key architect” for Obamacare. Today he joined CNN host Jon Berman and former CBO Director Doug Holtz-Eakin to discuss the GOP’s new health care reform bill to be rolled out by the Senate later today.

You may recall that, in 2010 when the American Healthcare Act was rolled out by President Obama, one of the major critiques put forth by the GOP was the lack of transparency in a legislative process that resulted in ObamaCare being “jammed down our throats.”

And because the political pendulum swings both ways, that’s the exact critique put forth by those with a “D” by their name, with reasonable critique that they have been completely left out of the legislative process.

The conversation went over merits of a theoretical GOP bill and Obamacare itself, but when Berman asked his guests about “the way that the Senate Republicans have gone about doing this the last week behind closes doors,” Holtz-Eakin simply said “yes.”

Gruber had a different impression, saying it was “a middle finger to representative democracy.”

Watch the segment above courtesy of CNN.

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