Obama’s Foul Mouth Is on Hilarious Full Display For Kimmel’s Latest Unnecessary Censorship

Jimmy Kimmel has presented his fan-favorite “Unnecessary Censorship” segment countless times before, but never have we seen our Commander in Chief so freely talking about s****** c***.

At least, that’s the way that the clever editing makes it appear. President Barack Obama himself admits that he doesn’t always use the most dignified language in expressing himself, but the late night comedy gag takes it to a whole new level. It includes a supercut of various examples over his Presidency where he “says” some things that would even put the Trump motor mouth to shame.

In one clip from the 2013 government shutdown, President Obama says (or at least it would appear): “Let’s stop the excuses. let’s take a vote in the House. Let’s end this shit right now,” which funny enough is probably exactly what he was saying behind closed doors.

“I know it’s cold outside but I’m fucked up!” is also one of my new favorite Obamaisms.

Watch the above bit from Jimmy Kimmel Live.

[image via screengrab]

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