Occupy Las Vegas Protestors Shout Down Erin Burnett’s CNN Show

During CNN’s pre-debate coverage, Erin Burnett was audibly drowned out by boisterous Occupy Las Vegas protestors that shouted down her remarks by chanting “Banks got bailed out! We got sold out!” and “Hey hey, ho ho, corporate greed has got to go!”

“We’re seeing the American system in full swing,” Burnett exclaimed, being inundated by the overwhelmingly loud cacophony of the demonstrators.

Wolf Blitzer could barely contain himself and amusedly chimed in, “Occupy Las Vegas, that’s what they’re doing! Protesting, which is their right.”

“It’s nice to see all the different things that they’re talking about here,” Burnett sarcastically riffed as her show’s commentary became barely audible amongst the discord from the rabble.

Update: A tipster tells us that, given the situation of the live shot and location of the demonstration, the protesters had no idea who was on air as they were chanting.

Watch the protestors shout down Burnett below, via CNN:

(h/t Weigel)

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