‘Occupy Sesame Street’ Protesters Interrupt Rupert Murdoch Speech In San Francisco

Not even the wealthiest 1% is safe from the wrath of Socially Conscious Elmo. News Corp CEO Rupert Murdoch was delivering a speech on technology and public education in San Francisco (of course) today when he was repeatedly interrupted, despite being the keynote, by various members of what is being called the “Occupy Sesame Street” movement, whose demands are better public education and the halting of privatization in the education industry.

One by one, several members of the dinner party stood up with signs and Sesame Street costumes, each with various protests and demands. According to the Associated Press:

Activists repeatedly interrupted Murdoch as he gave a keynote speech at a downtown San Francisco hotel about how technology could help transform the nation’s public education system.

“Equality in education, not privatization!” one woman shouted as security guards escorted her out of the ballroom of the Palace Hotel, which hosted the National Summit on Education Reform.

“Corporations own all the media in the world. Why should they not own all the education as well?” activist Joe Hill yelled sarcastically. Hill, who was dressed as the “Count” character from the TV show “Sesame Street,” also was pushed out of the meeting room.

Murdoch seemed to take it in stride, calling the protesters “interesting” as they were removed from the premises by security. He can also be seen smiling in the video during repeat interruptions of his speech. Watch the video below:


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