Odd Hannity Skirmish Ends with Scaramucci Telling Katy Tur She Could Be President One Day

Anthony Scaramucci lasted just 10 days as the official White House Communication Director. Yet, that hasn’t stopped him from remaining a staunch, unofficial advocate for President Donald Trump and even taking things to the absurd to defend the goings-on in the West Wing on cable news.

Such was the case on Wednesday when MSNBC’s Katy Tur asked Scaramucci about Fox News’ Sean Hannity‘s influence in the Oval Office.

The Washington Post is reporting that he’s like the de facto, that unofficial chief-of-staff,” Tur said referring to Hannity and his close relationship with Trump. “How much influence does he have?”

Scaramucci responded by deflecting and trying to turn the conversation to himself.

“I don’t know this guy Ron Kessler, you know this guy, he said I was the dumbest hire in White House history,” Scaramucci opined, despite the fact Ron Kessler had nothing to do with the WaPo story Tur was referencing.

Then, when Tur tried to get him back on track, Scaramucci said he was just trying to make a point.

“I wanna make a point, he said I was the dumbest hire in White House history, I love the fact he put his name on it. Who said that to the Washington Post?” Scaramucci continued on, pointing out WaPo‘s source was unnamed.

After a bit of a back and forth in which Scaramucci admitted he’s good friends with Hannity, Tur then asked Scaramucci to put his relationship with Hannity aside for a moment and answering as a regular citizen, “Are you comfortable with a cable news host having that much influence with the President of the United States?”

Scaramucci’s response was downright odd.

“I am,” Scaramucci began. “And when I am a cable news host and you’re the president, I hope we have that sort of relationship dynamic.”

Tur responded she will be president “when pigs fly.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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