O’Donnell Takes On O’Reilly’s Long History Of Issues With ‘Anger Management’ Following Colmes Shoutfest

Lawrence O’Donnell tonight reminded viewers of Bill O’Reilly‘s explosion on his show Tuesday night at Alan Colmes. O’Donnell said this is only the latest example in O’Reilly’s long history of anger management issues.

O’Donnell opened the segment with the now-infamous clip of O’Reilly going crazy on Inside Edition to argue that O’Reilly has a long history of anger management issues. He ran the video of O’Reilly’s fight with Colmes, and said that while he has no personal objection to pundits calling people liars, but said that Colmes was in the right in that particular argument.

O’Donnell also pointed out that two weeks ago, O’Reilly told viewers in his nightly “tip of the day” that he got very angry, and whenever that happens he goes into an empty room and lets loose for 30 seconds. O’Donnell mock-sympathetically asked how O’Reilly is able to vent his anger on his show when liberals like Colmes “humiliate him” and expose his ignorance.

Watch the video below:


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