O’Donnell To Greenwald: If NSA Knows Everything, Why Didn’t They Know You Were Talking To Snowden?

Lawrence O’Donnell tonight expressed his skepticism with the seriousness of the NSA surveillance scandal, and brought on Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who broke many of the big stories in the national conversation right now. O’Donnell asked Greenwald that if the NSA is really knows everything, why were they unable to detect that whistleblower Edward Snowden was in contact with Greenwald at all?

Greenwald explained that Snowden actually recommended he install more sophisticated encryption technology and that actually “delayed… our ability to communicate” for a while. Greenwald called Snowden “exactly the kind of person you want working for you if you’re in the intelligence community,” saying that Snowden “devoted himself to serving his country” and it was over time that he realized how massive and “unaccountable [and] uncontrollable” the surveillance state is.

O’Donnell noted just how low-level Snowden is, calling him an “IT guy,” and said that he “claimed to have very powerful authority” even in that kind of position. O’Donnell suggested that he wasn’t talking about legal authority, and Greenwald agreed, saying the big problem is how such a low-level employee has that kind of authorization.

Watch a clip of the full interview below, courtesy of MSNBC:


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