‘Of Course I’m Changing the Subject!’: CNN Panel Gets Feisty Over Trump Tax Returns

goolsbee-navarroEconomists supporting the two different candidates got into a bit of a shouting match tonight on CNN over Donald Trump‘s tax returns and Hillary Clinton‘s emails.

Peter Navarro, who serves on Trump’s economic advisory council, said that he loved Trump’s line about a quid pro quo––releasing his returns when she releases her emails.

Erin Burnett called him out for pivoting away from the topic, and Navarro said he’s just showing what Trump should have done last night.

Austan Goolsbee, on the other hand, said that deferring like that is a sign that “you lack the content of something to say.” When Navarro asked “How about the emails?”, Goolsbee shot back that he’s getting his debate tactics from “the Donald Trump school of interrupting and making funny faces.”

Navarro kept going after Clinton as “the most corrupt politician” and told Goolsbee he’s just “on his high horse.”

Goolsbee cries, “You’re just changing the subject, Peter!” Navarro shot back, “Of course I’m changing the subject! The subject is corruption, Austin!”

Watch above, via CNN.

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