Bitter CNN Political Foes Symone Sanders and Jeffrey Lord Talk Merchandising Deal


CNN’s Jeffrey Lord and Symone Sanders made an apparent breakthrough on Monday’s New Day, despite their regular sparring on the cable network.

Near the end of a panel discussion segment, Lord pointed out that Sanders has created a T-shirt that bears the phrase, “oh, Jeffrey” a reference to a segment where the Trump supporter contended that the President was the “Martin Luther King of health care.” Lord also noted that he had just published a proposal about splitting the proceeds of the clothing.

“My friend, Symone, has put out T-shirts which she’s selling that say, ‘oh, Jeffrey.’ So this morning, at the American Spectator — — I’ve asked the readers if they will buy them. And hopefully, Symone will split the proceeds between the Martin Luther King Center and a scholarship fund for Dr. Ben Carson.

Anchor Alisyn Camerota was amused by this offer: “I like that you guys are pedaling the merchandise that you two — your vaudeville act — has come up up with on New Day.”

Sanders cracked up. “I’ll make sure to send a T-shirt. I’m pulling my Kellyanne Conway today. Buy the stuff.” The liberal pundit also promised to have a conversation over the proceeds, but took at jab at Lord over their earlier spat.

“We can give them a history lesson on the true history of MLK; what he has fought for; and how Donald Trump is not,” Sanders said.

Camerota joked that the two could “have a summit about where you want to spend the vast proceeds that will be rolling in from your ‘oh, Jeffrey’ t-shirts.”

Anchor Chris Cuomo ended the segment by snarking that the “oh, Jeffrey” phrase was “much more sellable than the other phrase that Symone coined in that particular discussion.”

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