Ohio Sheriff Clashes With CNN’s Brianna Keilar in Wild Debate on Mask Mandates: ‘I’m Not Trusting What You Say, I Don’t Know You’


CNN’s Brianna Keilar clashed with an Ohio sheriff Wednesday afternoon over mask mandates and whether people should have the right not to wear facial coverings.

At one point during the debate, Keilar tried to present a study’s findings about the effectiveness of mask-wearing. Butler County (OH) sheriff Richard Jones expressed some skepticism, and Keilar noted, “This is the data the White House relies on. This is good data, I promise you.”

“Well, I’m not trusting what you say,” Jones shot back. “I don’t know you that well, but listen, every week they change how you can catch this. How you can’t. First wear a mask, then not to wear a mask, then there’s a certain kind of mask. How it’s spread, on a surface, then in the air ten days. People are confused. I’m confused.”

Jones’ interview comes a day after he said he wasn’t “the mask police” in a press conference after announcing he wouldn’t enforce the state’s mask mandate that extends to his county. Jones chooses to wear a mask, he said, but doesn’t want people in his country to call 911 to tattle on mask-wearing when police are under staffed.

“I wear a mask, and I wash my hands,” Jones said. “I’ve been with that the whole time, but it should be a choice. You shouldn’t have to wear a mask if you don’t want to.”

Jones also accused Keilar of being “confused” about data and “trying to put me in a hot spot, which I don’t mind being.”

“We [have] the news media such as yourself trying to pin people down like me for speaking up and saying what I believe is the truth,” Jones said. “And we have our politicians that will not get together on either party. We have doctors and we have scientists that have different opinions weekly.”

“When the governor has the mandate, you will not follow it?” Keilar asked. “I’m saying you would give more leeway or more consideration to a presidential decision to mandate masks?”

“I may or I may not,” Jones responded. “Pretty simple.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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