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Olbermann : Excuse Me, I Don’t Do ‘Hot Takes,’ Thank You Very Much

The term “hot take” or “smart take” is how many journalists refer, increasingly sarcastically, to an opinion or analysis someone else in the media has about the news du jour. Don’t you dare use it to describe Keith Olbermann‘s highly intellectual analysis on the deadly serious world of sports, though.

One of Olbermann’s Twitter followers made that mistake Tuesday and did not escape the Fox Sports Net ESPN MSNBC Current ESPN2 commentator’s feverous sass.

The follower, Nerdosyndical, tweeted at Olbermann that viewers would be watching his show to hear what he has to say about the World Series, despite Olbermann pointing out that ESPN doesn’t actually broadcast the games.

“Hot takes generate ratings,” Nerdosynical said.

And that did it for Olbermann.

“Sorry. I don’t do ‘takes,'” he said, invoking the soul of a drag queen in Harlem. “I analyze and give my conclusions.”

Twitter doesn’t allow you to snap and twirl, otherwise Olbermann might have done it.

As an aside, Olbermann may not deal in undignified “takes” but he does repeatedly say “bye Felicia” as if that quote didn’t cease being funny more than a year ago.

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