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Olbermann Explains What Makes Him a ‘Danger to Humanity’

Keith Olbermann is possibly a danger to humanity.

Okay, just so we’re clear, those are his words.

Olbermann explained Thursday night why he says he’s been absent from his ESPN show. Last month he apparently came down with a bad case of the shingles, but the part he really wanted to talk about was the drugs he’s been taking. While still keeping a sense of humor about it (he described a sensation that “feels like you fell out of an airplane onto pointy poison ivy that then catches fire”), he got pretty specific to describe how much he’s had to deal with.

The drugs he’s taking aren’t just giving him hallucinations, they’re “deadening,” as he banged his head on a ceramic light fixture, broke it, and didn’t feel anything except for the one-sided nerve pain ten minutes later.

Olbermann explained, “I can play through the pain, I can play through the drugs I can play through the limp, I can play through hitting my head and destroying the ceramic light. But mix in one more thing like the drugs messing with sleep, and on TV I become a danger to humanity.”

Watch the video below, via ESPN:

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