Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, & Bill Maher First To Slam Rick Sanchez

So if you haven’t heard (and we really, really doubt you haven’t at this point), Rick Sanchez was fired from CNN today. The cause: this radio rant where he went off on Jon Stewart and made what could be (and indeed were) construed as untoward remarks about Jews. Several pundits spoke up on the matter later this evening, and let’s just say there’s not much mourning out there for Sanchez.

Keith Olbermann came first and dropped the hammer on “[his] old back-up host,” awarding Sanchez “Worser” on “Worst Person in the World” and punctuating it with an unceremonious, “Bye Rick.” Rachel Maddow got in a dig too, though hers was in the context of poking fun at Alaskan Senate nominee Joe Miller, who found himself in hot water over an overconfident tweet, which a spokesman later blamed on a campaign volunteer. Maddow wondered if that same volunteer couldn’t help Sanchez out of his jam. Then it was Bill Maher’s turn on Real Time. He reported that Sanchez was fired…but from a slightly different job than “CNN host.”

Video of the first three of what will likely be many, many media critiques of Sanchez below. Sanchez had to know something like this was coming…didn’t he?

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