Olbermann Names ABC News ‘Worse’ Person Over Breitbart Hire, Makes Fart ‘Joke’

There’s something about Andrew Breitbart that brings out the some of the worst in Keith Olbermann. Namely, there’s something about a mainstream news organization taking Breitbart seriously, that really pushes his buttons. Last night, ABC News won Olbermann’s “Worst Persons” bronze for bringing Breitbart on as an Election Day contributor, and was so insulted as to bring out the mother of all insults, a fart joke.

Olbermann chastised ABC News for hiring “comically dishonest propagandist” Breitbart for their election coverage Tuesday night, in a way. Bringing up the Shirley Sherrod affair as reason enough not to hire him, Olbermann explains that he asked his staff, “what could a Breitbart do during an actual news organization’s coverage of an election? The answer: fart.”

Granted, Olbermann must have known when he called Breitbart a “pornographer of propaganda” that the comically melodramatic insults could only go down from there, but a modicum of effort to avoid a rhyming “fart” joke may have given his argument against ABC News a bit more of a backbone.

The clip from last night’s “Worst” via MSNBC below:

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