Olbermann On Romney: ‘This Is The Wrong Time To Be Running As A Businessman’

Keith Olbermann returned to the This Week panel today to discuss the latest happenings in the 2012 campaign, and one of the subjects they hit on was jobs and, in particular, outsourcing. The campaigns have been going back-and-forth on this issue, and George Stephanopoulos pointed out an Obama ad claiming Bain Capital shipped jobs overseas was rated false by Olbermann said in the bigger picture, this year might not be the best year for someone with a business-heavy background to be a major presidential contender.

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Olbermann read a tweet posted earlier today by Rupert Murdoch criticizing Romney for sticking with “old friends” on his campaign team, to which he added that it “feeds into a perception” of Romney’s business background that may not play very well this year.

“This is the wrong time to be running as a businessman. It has become something of a dirty word.”

ABC’s Terry Moran said that by the very nature of his business background, he was bringing all sorts of critical financial issues to the forefront. George Will cited a Democratic pollster who said that looking back at presidential elections over the past few decades, with the possible exception of Richard Nixon, the winner has always been the more likable candidate, and that is going to matter more in this race than charges of outsourcing.

Watch the video below, courtesy of ABC:

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