CNN’s Oliver Darcy: CPAC Has Become An Event For ‘Shameless Grifters’ to Recite Bumper Sticker Slogans

After attending this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, Oliver Darcy, CNN’s senior media reporter, told CNN host Brian Stelter how the conference has devolved into grifters in the age of Donald Trump’s presidency.

“Look, Brian, CPAC has always been a representation of where the Republican party is, where it’s going and I’m not sure it was ever this place for intellectual discourse, as some people would say,” Darcy said on Reliable Sources. “It has in recent years become more like Trump.”

He said because the conference has become a celebration of Trump, “you see a lot of grifters, people throwing red meat rhetoric out at crowds to raise their brand.”

Darcy said CPAC is now just an event to raise “your brand, own the libs, and sell books to people.”

He went a step further in a tweet, calling them “shameless grifters” who “recite bumper sticker slogans.”

Darcy’s analysis appears to be somewhat undermined by the fact that he himself covered it so extensively. If an event is so lame, as he suggests, then why is he on national television covering it? And isn’t selling books and raising ones profile is the point to ANY conference?

Watch above, via CNN.

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