Oliver Tackles the ‘Kafkaesque’ Reasons We Can’t Get U.S. Visas for Mideast Translators

“Ask any veteran, and they’ll say that translators risk their own lives working for us,”
John Oliver said last night to introduce his segment about how the American visa system screws over the thousands of translators who assist the U.S. military in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Basically, as one translator says, the moment that the U.S. and NATO pull out of these occupied regions, the translators and their families will be brutally killed. To prevent this, Congress issued a law allowing up to 1,500 special immigrant visas to be issued per year to translators and their families — but according to Oliver, only three were issued in 2011. “The number of visas we give out to Afghanis who risk their lives for us should not be so low that even relatively stupid toddlers can count up to it,” Oliver said.

Watch below via HBO:

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