Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas Admits To Splurging On Fast Food In Front Of Michelle Obama

If there’s one person we’d be afraid of admitting our actual diet to (other than our mom — sorry, Mom), it’d be First Lady Michelle Obama. As much as we want to follow her advice for healthy eating, sometimes the siren song of Doritos is just too great. The First Lady even took an opportunity to encourage gold medal gymnast Gabby Douglas to be a good influence after the teen admitted to splurging on fast food on last night’s Tonight Show.

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The Olympic athlete — who noted how excited she was to be on the show with the First Lady (and Leno, too, maybe) — had described her grueling competition to host Jay Leno, sharing that the team was so busy that they didn’t have time to celebrate. “But,” she said, “after the competition, I splurged on an egg McMuffin at McDonald’s.”

“Yeah, Gabby, we don’t — we don’t encourage him,” the famously health-conscious First Lady joked, poking a little fun at her own image. “I’m sure it was on a a whole-wheat McMuffin.”

We’re sure Wheaties are in Douglas’ immediate future anyway.

Have a look, via NBC:

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