Omarosa Drops New Tape, Apologizes For Being ‘Co-Conspirator’ in Robbing Election From Hillary Clinton


Omarosa Manigault Newman appeared on The View Monday for a series of segments to dish on her time working in President Donald Trump‘s White House.

Manigault Newman first issued something of a mea culpa on the show over her time enabling Trump in the White House — and even robbing Hillary Clinton of the 2016 election.

“If you find out that [someone] is an arsonist, you’re not going to stand by and keep handing them gasoline,” Manigault Newman said. “I discovered that Donald Trump was an arsonist trying to burn down this country. And in some way I was complicit in handing him matches and giving him more fuel for his fires.”

“You know, Hillary Clinton was robbed,” she said. “And I was a co-conspirator in that robbery. And I will regret that for the rest of my life, that I was a co-conspirator along with the rest of these folks on this campaign, who helped this con-man get into office.”

“What do you mean she was robbed?” View co-host Abby Huntsman asked.

“It’s very clear if you look at the report from the intelligence community that Russia assisted Donald Trump with getting elected,” Manigault Newman replied. “He may ignore it, but I actually respect the intelligence community and their findings in that report. Have you seen that report? It’s airtight.”

In the following segment, Manigault Newman lamented that instead of alerting Congress or the Justice Department as to how “completely mentally unstable” Trump was, she joked around with colleagues about it.

Manigault Newman also came armed with a new tape, of Trump allegedly interrupting a meeting about tax reform in October 2017 to accuse Hillary Clinton of collusion with Russia.

“When Donald Trump got bored, which was very often because his attention span was very short, he would sometimes try to figure out what meetings were taking place in the White House and he would crash those meetings,” Manigault Newman explained. “He crashed the meeting, he came into the meeting, he sat down and he starts rambling from topic to topic, none of it makes sense.”

The View returned in the next segment to discuss the audio, and Whoopi Goldberg asked Manigault Newman: “Do you think you all knowingly lied?”:

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