Omarosa: Macron Made Trump ‘Look Like a Fool’ And Now He’s ‘Pouting Like a Child’


Former Trump White House staffer Omarosa Manigault-Newman agrees with the recent reports saying President Donald Trump is in a sulky mood over various developments from the last few days.

Manigault-Newman joined Craig Melvin on MSNBC Live Wednesday to discuss the reports of Trump’s increasingly bitter mood and the indications that his administration will soon experience a major shake-up. Trump, Manigault-Newman believes, will pick new fights with anyone he can since “the one thing I know that he gets enthusiastic about is a good fight.” She also attributed Trump’s brooding to matters like his quarrel with Emmanuel Macron and the negative coverage on his actions in France.

“When he’s made to look like a fool the way the French president made him look foolish in the decision to not go honor fallen veterans, this is a clear example of Donald Trump being embarrassed, and as a result, you see him sulking, and he’s pouting like a child. As a result, he’s going to continue to lash out and everybody around him will be miserable, just the way he likes it.”

With the Vice President’s chief of staff, Nick Ayers, thought to be the most likely person to replace White House chief of staff John Kelly in the event of the latter’s departure, Manigault-Newman floated her theory that Ayers is one who wrote the New York Times‘ anonymous op-ed from a member of an inner-government “resistance” to Trump.

“I still believe that the language was very consistent with some of the memos that he wrote while I was there,” she said.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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