On Conan, Erin Burnett Describes Awkward Plane Ride With Passenger Who Said She’s ‘In The Can For Obama’

On Tuesday, CNN host Erin Burnett visited Conan, where she and Conan O’Brien (who, as you might remember, harbors a big ol’ crush on Burnett) got to talking about the election.

Burnett recalled a recent plane trip she took where she and a woman both watched one of the presidential debates. When the woman, who had been watching the debate without sound, turned to Burnett and asked whom she thought had won, the journalist demurred, citing her role at CNN. The woman then nodded knowingly before accusing Burnett of being “in the can for Obama.”

You can’t ever win, Erin. Rule #1 of covering anything even tangentially related to politics.

Later, she shared Mitt Romney‘s sole vice: eating a bowl of Cocoa Puffs when he’s stressed. O’Brien found this highly relatable, while we all know that Burnett is quite amused by Romney’s “full tummy.”

Here is part 1, via TBS:

And now part 2:

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