Karl Rove And Juan Williams Have Heated Exchange On Which Candidate Can Fix Economy

Karl Rove and Juan Williams found themselves head to head on Fox News Sunday, arguing over President Obama‘s and Mitt Romney‘s respective economic proposals. Following the candidates’ dueling speeches on the economy, Williams drew a contrast between Obama’s concrete policies and Romney’s vague ones — but not with protest from Rove.

It was a good speech, Williams said, “in terms of framing the alternative.” He went on to take a jab at Romney’s proposed policies of tax cuts and oil drilling, asserting that such moves wouldn’t result in a jump-started economy and improved job market.

Don’t make a referendum on Obama, he said, make it a choice. Rove meanwhile vehemently disagreed, arguing that Romney has put forth a plan that would decrease the deficit and undoubtedly help the economy. Williams argued Romney wants to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, which Rove said isn’t true. He wants tax reform, Rove said, adding, “Pay attention. You sound like Obama.”

In the speech, Rove said, Obama promised an honest presentation of Romney’s proposal, and then went on to portray it wholly inaccurately. The discussion then grew heated with Rove and Williams loudly arguing back and forth over whether Romney’s plans include any specifics about how he would achieve his goals.

Williams seemed unaffected by Rove’s passionate defense, with each denying the validity of the other’s points.

Take a look, via Fox:

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