On Fox: Sarah Palin ‘Tends To Agree’ With The Term ‘Treachery’ To Describe Today’s Ruling

Sarah Palin was in classic form today, declaring that the Supreme Court’s decision today meant the death of freedom over Twitter. On On the Record tonight, she reiterated that sentiment to Greta Van Susteren, saying that she “tend[s] to agree” with those who call the ruling “treachery.”

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“I received a lot of messages about this today… the word treachery came up a lot,” Palin told Van Susteren, adding that “I tend to agree with that term used.” Repeating several times that “there is no such thing as a free lunch,” she warned those who paid no taxes that “if they think they are going to get a free ride, they’ve got another thing coming.” She argued that President Obama was succeeding in making America “a fundamentally transformed country,” from the moment the President began “proposing and ramming it down our throats through [Rep. Nancy] Pelosi and [Sen. Harry] Reid.”

Palin also warned that the government overreach didn’t stop with this decision. “It is a harbinger of things to come” for the Obama administration, she argued, adding that many needed to better understand the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution, that “we are sovereign states that can make our own decisions about budgets,” and urging states to opt out of the program.

The segment via Fox News below:

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