On Late Night Samuel L. Jackson Draws Bill Clinton Into His Donald Trump Feud


Hateful Eight star Samuel L. Jackson awoke an already-awake giant earlier this week when he accused Donald Trump of cheating at golf, which provoked a passive/aggressive Twitter rebuke from Trump (but no denial) in which he claimed not to know Jackson:

On Tuesday night’s Late Night with Seth Meyers, the veteran character actor was surprised to learn that he is now in a beef with Trump, and after assuring Meyers that he has met Trump many times, things got interesting. According to Samuel L. Jackson, none other than former President Bill Clinton can vouch for Jackson’s relationship with Trump, by virtue of the fact that Trump fixed them up on a golf date, which he then interrupted:

Jackson: And he used to call me — I have another person that can verify that he knows me. He called me one day. I was here in New York. And he always calls and goes, “Samuel L! The Don.” I go, “Who?” “The Don.” “Oh, Mr. Trump, how are you doing?” “Are you busy today?” “No.” “Do you want to play golf?” “Sure.” “Well, I’m not going to play but I have a friend who wants to play and we’re going to play at my club in –” it was over here. in — not in Manhattan, but the other Trump club that’s on this side of the bridge. And when I got there, it was President Clinton.

Meyers: Really?

Jackson: Who could also verify that Donald Trump knows me.

Meyers: Wow. Here’s the bummer.

Jackson: Don did show up and he took Bill in and bought him a jacket and gave me nothing.

Meyers: I’ve got bad news for you. The one person that might not back you up right now in this story is Bill Clinton. Because I don’t know if he’s going to want to say a story he was golfing with Donald Trump either.

Congratulations, Seth and Samuel L., you will now be the stars of attack ads against Donald Trump. and probably be called to testify before Congress at 2017’s Hillary Clinton “Jacket-gate” impeachment hearings.

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