On Leno, Kids Grill Obama On Benghazi, IRS, AP Scandals: ‘Are Eric Holder’s Days Numbered?’

While Jon Stewart may have eased up on his harsh criticism of President Obama last night, spreading some of the culpability to the GOP and the press, Jay Leno continues to hammer the president on a nightly basis. Monday night, Leno showed some video from a recent visit Obama made to a Baltimore elementary school, in which the kids were a bit tougher than the White House Press Corps.

Using some playful audio editing, Leno showed the schoolchildren peppering Obama with questions about the various scandals that continue to plague his administration this week. “In regards to Benghazi,” one child asks, “what did you know and when did you know it?”

Others ask, “Mitch McConnell says you govern my intimidation. Is that true?” and “Isn’t it unconstitutional to secretly obtain phone records of AP reporters?”

Finally, two more wrap things up with, “Are Eric Holder’s days numbered?” and “Who inside hatched the plan to target conservatives?”

Clearly more impressed with these questions than the ones Obama and Press Secretary Jay Carney have been receiving by the real press, Leno remarked, “These kids are so sharp!”

Watch video below, via NBC:

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