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On SNL, ‘Ann Romney’ Shares Advice For Her Husband’s GOP Critics

Ann Romney (or, well, “Ann Romney”) stopped by SNL‘s Weekend Update desk to make an excellent point: Mitt Romney gets a lot of criticism for being a rich dude who does rich dude things that might make it tough for him to connect with the average person, and yet here Barack Obama is hanging out with the likes of Beyoncé. (And kudos to Ann for respecting the accent aigu.)

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It’s true, she confided, that the campaign is getting to her and her husband — it’s even making them miss apple-picking season, which is like “Mormon Mardi Gras.” Plus, she resents people saying she’s unrelatable because she had a horse compete in the Olympics. “Well, let me tell you what,” she said. “I would kill that horse if I could meet Beyoncé.”

And she does not regret the harsh words she had for her husband’s Republican critics. In fact, she has a question for them: Do you really think things would be going better if you’d picked another candidate? Like, oh, Rick Perry? To maker her point, she summoned the Texan himself and then sent him away, hopefully to “high school.”

In short, “if you don’t nut up, you got to shut up.”

Have a look at the segment, via NBC:

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