On The View: Joy Behar Is Concerned About ’90-Year-Old Terrorists’

On the show this morning, Whoopi Goldberg brought up a recent decision by the Transportation Security Administration to give traveling seniors over 75 a break when going through security, allowing them to leave their shoes on and be subjected to fewer pat downs in line. She joked that she wasn’t sure about this, because she’s “seen some angry old ladies” at the airport before. Barbara Walters came at the issue with a bit of a superficial, but not invalid perspective — would people who could pass for younger want to admit they were old enough to qualify for the easier search? (My money is on “Duh” because airport security is the worst, but who knows.) Then Joy Behar raised the question of whether this would make airports vulnerable to “old terrorists,” which seemed to be a joke but Whoopi responded to it seriously, saying that she doesn’t think the TSA is thinking of seniors as security threats at all. Or something.

Joy pressed the point further, wondering if the next great security threat to our nation will be a “90-year-old terrorist who is suicidal.” It could have been a good opportunity to talk about TSA overreactions and what this relaxing of rules means for the organization, but oh well! I suppose that can come another day. You can see the clip here, via ABC:

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