One Direction Performs on Saturday Night Live

Good grief, what a way to confront your own mortality — watching One Direction perform on Saturday Night LIve was a cruel reminder that enough time has gone by that the boy band phenomenon has begun anew…and this time, I’m waaaay too old to get it. This particular boy band consists of five children in old time-y vests, suspenders and really tight pants with aspiring Justin Bieber-esque coiffures. They performed what I believe is their breakout hit, “That’s What Makes You Beautiful,” and anyone who was around for the first boy band craze (RIP, *NSYNC!) can guess what it sounded like: 5 part harmony, direct address to an imaginary young lady with terrible self esteem, and so on and so forth.

I’m being grumpy. They were perfectly cute, and sounded better than some of the recent acts featured on Saturday Night Live. It seems like a real effort has been made this season to feature new and/or relatively unknown musicians on the show, which worked out better in this case than in the past (see Lana Del Ray and Karmin for examples of failures). It was cute! I hope the second song tonight is “That’s What Makes You Beautiful” performed as an R&B slow jam.

You can see the performance here via NBC:

Watch their second performance below:

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