Oops: Bumgarner’s MVP Chevy Truck Was Recalled Earlier This Month

What could have possibly been worse than that moment last night, when San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner (and America) had to suffer through an awkward presentation by Chevrolet? What could be more awkward than waiting for “Chevy Guy” to finish his spiel about the truck they were giving Bumgarner, who just pitched a historic World Series, culminating in the most high-octane bottom of the ninth ever, and get to the damn MVP trophy?

Oh, we don’t know, maybe that the truck Chevrolet gave Bumgarner could KILL HIM.

The 2015 Chevrolet Colorado, with all of its “technology and stuff,” is also a rolling death machine. According to Automotive News, Chevrolet halted all shipments of the Colorado earlier this month, after they discovered a crucial defect in the airbag deployment system:

In a note sent to dealers Thursday about the midsize pickups, GM said it has notified the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of an “upcoming safety and noncompliance recall” to fix the airbag flaw. GM said that the pickups’ driver-side airbag connections “were wired incorrectly during the manufacturing process,” which could disrupt their deployment.

“This condition will cause the driver-side airbags to not function as designed and may adversely affect the crash performance of the driver-side airbags,” GM’s notice said.

Well, no wonder Chevy Guy was so nervous last night:

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[Image via screenshot/Fox]

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