comScore Oops! Don Lemon Accidentally Calls CNN’s Brian Stelter ‘Brian Williams’

Oops! Don Lemon Accidentally Calls CNN’s Brian Stelter ‘Brian Williams’

Introducing a short CNN segment tonight on the issues surrounding Fox News star Bill O’Reilly and how his days appear numbered, host Don Lemon issued a very noticeable faux pas when attempting to throw it to his colleague Brian Stelter.

Attempting to highlight a new Wall Street Journal report claiming that Fox News is looking to cut ties with O’Reilly while setting the table for the CNN media correspondent, Lemon referred to Stelter as another network’s very recognizable personality.

“Matter of fact, the Wall Street Journal according to our Brian Williams,” Lemon said, immediately catching himself while the rest of the panel smiled and laughed. “Brian Stelter — is a little bit more emphatic about it. Looks like they’re negotiating something.”

“Close,” a game Stelter replied during Lemon’s flub.

Brian Williams, of course, is the former NBC Nightly News anchor and current MSNBC host.

After Stelter and the rest of the panel discussed the newest developments in the O’Reilly saga, Lemon made sure to emphasize Stelter’s name when sending it to commercial.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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