Oops! Fox News Plays Footage Of Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels During Sandusky News

During a routine news update on Fox News this afternoon, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels appeared extensively in archival footage as the news was read, despite him not really doing anything in the news lately. In fact, someone in the editing department seems to have mistaken Gov. Daniels for Jerry Sandusky, the convicted pedophile who will likely face life in prison for the 43 counts of child sexual abuse he was found guilty of last night. Oops!

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Anchor Uma Pemmaraju tossed to Molly Henneberg for the story, which she delivered apparently unaware that she was reporting on Sandusky over footage of Gov. Daniels. At the end of the report, Pemmaraju apologized: “We had a technical problem and we were showing Gov. Mitch Daniels in the video when we were talking about Jerry Sandusky, so we apologize for that.”

The blooper via Fox News below:

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