Oops: Today Airs Footage Of Wrong Black Quarterback During Michael Vick Interview

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick had an interview on Today this morning — but the program got African-American NFL quarterbacks mixed up in footage that aired during the segment. The quarterback in the video? Not Vick. Whoops!

Vick has a new memoir out, and discussed what Matt Lauer called his “road to redemption.” A top NFL quarterback, Vick found his life take a dramatic turn for the worse when he was convicted for involvement in an illegal dog-fighting ring. His second change, Vick said, was playing with the Eagles (after his stint in prison).

And yet NBC aired footage that wasn’t of Vick. (Then, in reporting NBC’s error, TVNewser incorrectly identified the player in the b-roll as Vince Young — per report from Guyism.) Jerrod Johnson was the NFL player in the footage, not Vick. While “they are both African American, and both played for the same team, Vick wears number seven, not eight, and Vick is (quite famously) a lefty, not a righty, as seen in the clip,” TVNewser also noted.

Take a look at the mistake:

(H/T TVNewser)

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