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Open Mic Blooper: TruTV’s Vinnie Politan Is Caught Discussing Casey Anthony’s Boobs

A couple days ago on truTV’s In Session, anchor Vinnie Politan questioned Casey Anthony’s choice of wardrobe, diplomatically describing her shirt as being too “clingy” for a murder trial. However, a few minutes later, an open microphone seemed to capture his less guarded thoughts. As Anthony was asked by her defense attorney, Jose Baez to stand up, Politan seems to be heard saying “The only thing you are going to see are her boobs sticking out.”

However, while the Daily Mail pokes fun at Politan (in an article where they include a “sexy” picture from Anthony’s past to prove, I guess, that she’s worthy of being ogled by an anchor) and the YouTube user who caught the blooper accuses him of being “obsessed” with Anthony’s breasts, I have to ask, what if he was? I mean, it doesn’t seem like he is. It seems to me like he’s just continuing his thought from earlier about her top being inappropriate while using cruder language since he thought no one could hear him. But what if he was legitimately obsessed with the woman’s chest? We’re talking about a murder trial that has caused tons of regular people to voyeuristically go through every detail of the death of a two-year-old girl. Isn’t it less weird to focus on a pair of boobs?

In my opinion it’s the more pleasant option at least.

Below is the YouTube video put together by the user Omovies:

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