Oprah Called Baltimore Mom to Say: ‘I Understand Why You Did What You Did’

Toya Graham, the Baltimore mom who was caught on camera whacking her son in the head for participating in riots Tuesday night, has quickly become media darling of sorts, appearing on CBS News alone and with her son, Michael Singleton, on ABC News after that. Today, the pair’s 15 minutes of fame continued with a interview on Inside Edition where Graham revealed a very special phone call she received after her video went viral.

“My oldest daughter was actually on the phone. She was like, ‘Ma, Oprah wants to talk to you,’ and I couldn’t hear exactly everything she was saying because I was like, ‘Oh my God, Oh my God,'” Graham said. “She actually took the time out to give me a call, just to say, ‘I understand why you did what you did.’ She talked about how she understands as a parent, as a single mom, what I was faced up against.”

Graham added that Winfrey told her people have been urging her to visit the city of Baltimore this week and “she hadn’t made a decision if she was coming or not, but she will be watching Baltimore and the tragic Freddie Gray’s death until the end. And she wanted me to know she was watching.”

Watch video below, via Inside Edition:

And watch the original clip below, via WMAR:

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